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Basics 2

Basics 2

Basics 2
/ 8-week session

Sat: 2-3:45pm

Beginner Level Group (12 students max)

Discover the basics of the Japanese language and learn to read Katakana and Hiragana. Join our Saturday afternoon sessions for practical and engaging learning experiences.

Begin Your Journey to Japan

Bid farewell to monotonous study sessions without practical speaking skills. Our focus is on active usage of basic Japanese phrases and proficiency in reading Katakana and Hiragana, using The Japan Foundation materials. Gain the confidence to navigate Japan and engage in basic conversations with locals.

Real-life Scenarios in Basic Japanese

Our experienced instructors not only accelerate your basic Japanese speaking abilities but also introduce you to everyday language used in various scenarios in Japan. Our conversation-focused approach ensures you master natural, colloquial Japanese from the very beginning.

Join our Japanese Tea Time for extra practice!

As a bonus, enjoy free access to our 'Japanese Tea Time'—an additional two hours of practice every Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, perfect for reinforcing your learning.

Fostering Connection

Join our vibrant community of Japanese language learners to connect, exchange experiences, and grow together on this exciting language-learning journey!

Lesson Structure

Hirigana & Katakana 30%, Accuracy 30%, Connection 40%


2pm - 3:45pm for 8 weeks

Saturdays (2 lessons)

Start Dates 2024:

Apr 6, May 4, Jul 6, Aug 5, Sep 7, Nov 2

Registration deadline: Wednesday 3pm the week before the start date.


  • Registration fee: $50
  • Prices include all taxes and are in CAD
  • Students must be 16+ years old
  • Session duration: 8 weeks
  • 12 students per class max
  • For optimized learning attention & retention, 1 lesson = 45 min

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