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From $30.00

Experience life with a kind, friendly, and caring Canadian family. Your host family can offer local insights about living in Montreal around the kitchen table. They can provide 1 to 3 meals per day (depending on your preferences). The homestay option allows anyone coming to us from outside of Montreal to enjoy the safety, security and comfort of living in a private room in a local home.

A worry-free Canadian experience

From the airport pickup to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’ve got you covered. Pick and choose the features that you want depending on your budget, plans and desired level of independence, including the choice of one, two or three meals per day—prepared by and often shared with your homestay family!

10% discount per person when 2 people share a bedroom

Additional services & fees

  • Accommodation placement fee = 150
  • Airport pick-up (optional) = 120
  • Airport pick-up & drop off (optional) = 200
  • Student Health Insurance (< age 45, min 14 days) = 3/day
  • Visitors Health Insurance (age 45-84, min 14 days) = 8/day
  • All prices above are in $CAD

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