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Speak 4

Speak 4

Speak 4
From $250.00
/ 4-week session

Mon & Wed: 6-7:45pm

Small group (6 students max)

Practical Japanese for Busy Learners

Learn practical in our small group classes designed for ambitious, busy learners. In just 4 hours a week, achieve your language goals. 

Don't Just Understand - Start Conversing

Tired of endless studying without practical speaking skills? We prioritize active use of Japanese and learning from your mistakes. This approach, supported by research, is the most effective way to learn a language.

Learn Authentic Japanese

Elevate your language skills beyond the basics using Japan Foundation materials. Gain confidence in expressing yourself naturally in Japanese with our dedicated language instructors, who incorporate speaking-focused games and discussions to ensure you acquire genuine Japanese language skills.

Is Speak 4 Right for You?

Our program is tailored for individuals who want to confidently speak authentic, fluent Japanese. Ideal for those seeking substantial progress and valuing group interactions while managing full-time work or study commitments.

Real Japanese for Real-life Scenarios

Our experienced instructors won't just help you speak Japanese quickly; they'll ensure you speak the kind of Japanese used in offices and social gatherings across Japan. Our conversation-focused approach guarantees natural, colloquial Japanese usage in various contexts.

Join our Japanese Tea Time for extra practice!

You receive free access to our 'Japanese Tea Time'—an extra 2 hours of practice on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30pm.

We understand the importance of human interaction in learning. Join our community of passionate Japanese learners to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. 

Lesson Structure

Fluency 30%, Accuracy 30%, Connection 40%


6pm - 7:45pm for 4 weeks

Mon & Wed

Start Dates 2024: 

Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 4, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 8, Aug 5, Sep 4, Sep 30, Oct 28, Nov 25

Registration deadline: Wednesday 3pm the week before the start date.


  • Registration fee: $50
  • Prices include all taxes and are in CAD
  • Session duration: 4 weeks
  • Available to ALL levels
  • 6 students per class max
  • For optimized learning attention & retention, 1 lesson = 45 min

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