Speak 15: Save $200+ when you sign up for 4 weeks+
Speak 4: Save $150 when you sign up for 3 sessions

Intensive 20

Intensive 20

Intensive 20
From $500.00
/ week

Speak 15 + Private Lessons

Mon to Fri: 10am-12:45pm

+ 1 on 1 lessons

Experience the best of both worlds in language learning with our hybrid of group and private lessons. Our unique approach combines structured group sessions using NUMA's communication-focused curriculum with personalized individual attention.

Watch your progress skyrocket!

Comprehensive Learning and Rapid Progress

Master Language Skills

Achieve accuracy, fluency, and complexity in your language skills. Our Intensive 20 program provides quality instruction, ample practice, and intelligent feedback. Start with dynamic group lessons and then receive personalized guidance to address your specific challenges.

Break Language Barriers

Never feel like an outsider again. We empower you to express yourself clearly and confidently. Join high-level conversations with ease after our program, ensuring you're always part of the dialogue.

Who Should Enrol?

Intensive 20 is for determined language learners ready to conquer personal challenges and become fluent speakers. If you're motivated, open to feedback, and passionate about mastering French, this course is your path to success.

Join the Expert Class

Surround yourself with ambitious learners like you. Spend 15 lessons with peers and 5 with a NUMA-trained instructor, dedicated to honing your speaking abilities.

Natural Conversational Skills

Our instructors teach you the language spoken in offices and social settings across Quebec. Gain fluency in colloquial French for any situation.

Elevate Your Life

Invest in your future. Whether it's career growth, academic pursuits, or life in a French-speaking country, we provide the resources you need to achieve your language goals.

Lesson Structure

Fluency 30%, Accuracy 35%, Connection 30%, Independence 5%


Speak 15 Mon to Fri: 10am-12:45pm

Private Lessons According to your availability

Beginner Start Dates 2024:

Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 4, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 8, Aug 5, Sep 3, Sep 30, Oct 28, Nov 25

Pre-intermediate students and above may begin on any Monday.

Registration deadline: Wednesday 3pm the week before your start date.


  • Registration fee: $100
  • Prices include all taxes and are in CAD
  • Open to ALL levels
  • This program may be done bilingually (English & French)
  • Students who are pre-intermediate and above may start at any time
  • For optimized learning attention & retention, 1 lesson = 45 min

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