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Flow 8

Flow 8

Flow 8
From $100.00
/ week

Group course (12 students max)

Mon to Thu: 2-4pm

Are you tired of years of studying without the confidence to speak English fluently? It's not your fault. Traditional teaching methods are dull and ineffective. Flow 8 is the boost you need to speak confidently. Benefit from proven techniques delivered by our in-house instructors, propelling your fluency like never before.

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Why can't you speak better?

You have the language, but can't use it effectively. The top three challenges for non-beginners are:

  1. Limited opportunities to practice
  2. Insufficient practical vocabulary
  3. Lack of confidence 

Flow 8 addresses these issues head-on.

Connect and communicate

True fluency doesn't come from textbooks or videos alone. Studies show that active language practice is the best way to achieve it. Join fellow learners for engaging discussions on various topics that promote speaking.

Who Should Take Flow 8?

If you ever thought, "I should practice more often," this course is designed for you. Ideal for language learners who:

  1. Need to build fluency
  2. Want to broaden conversation abilities
  3. Seek a supportive environment for practice

NUMA's Guided AAA Technique

Achieving fluency requires expert guidance and consistent practice. Our instructors specialize in our Guided AAA technique, motivating you to produce results. Thousands of our students attest to its effectiveness.

Positive Learning Atmosphere

After years of isolation and online learning, in-person lessons provide motivation like no other. Engage with fellow learners in a welcoming environment, solidifying your gains and improving fluency with our friendly instructors.

Open Doors to Opportunities

Confident speaking unlocks opportunities in interviews, cultural integration, and international relationships. Embrace a world of personal and professional possibilities. Imagine what you can achieve!

Lesson Structure

Fluency 50%, Accuracy 5%, Connection 35%, Independence 10%


Mon to Thu, 2pm-4pm

Pre-intermediate students and above may begin on any Monday.

Registration deadline: Wednesday 3pm the week before your start date.


  • Registration fee: $50
  • Prices include all taxes and are in CAD
  • Open to Pre-Intermediate levels and above
  • Beginner levels are available for Custom Groups
  • Contact us for Custom group pricing

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