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Experience 30

Experience 30

Experience 30
/ week

Speak 15 + Explore 15

Mon to Fri: 10am-12:45pm & 2-5pm

Experience 30 offers hands-on activities, immersive language learning, and expert instruction to boost your fluency.

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Immersive Learning in Canada's Most Bilingual City

  • Start your mornings at NUMA's campus with Kaizen Connect-trained instructors.
  • Afternoons are dedicated to real-world practice with locals in shops, museums, and more.
  • Experience the bilingual culture of Montreal.

Who should participate in Experience 30?

Experience 30 is designed for individuals or groups of any size who want to advance their fluency in English through immersion, practical experience, and effective instruction based on our proven teaching framework.

Learn Inside and Outside the Classroom

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention.
  • Daily activities and excursions for real-world communication.
  • Live with local Canadian families to enhance your language and cultural experience.

Unlock Lifelong Benefits

  • Become bilingual or trilingual.
  • Explore new travel opportunities and build meaningful relationships.
  • Open doors to exciting career and education prospects.

Join Experience 30 in Montreal and take your language skills to new heights!

Lesson Structure

Fluency 40%, Accuracy 15%, Connection 40%, Independence 5%


Speak 15 Mon to Fri: 10am-12:45pm

Explore 8 Mon to Fri: 2-5pm

  • Students who are Pre-intermediate and above may start on any Monday
  • For beginner-level students (who have never studied the language before), please register for one of the following dates:
    • Winter 2023-2024: December 4 and January 8
    • Summer 2024: June 3, July 8, Aug 5

Registration deadline: Wednesday 3pm the week before your start date.


  • Registration fee: $100
  • Prices include all taxes and are in CAD
  • Available for individual English learners and groups
  • Available for French learners (groups only)
  • Contact us for Custom group pricing
  • Open to ALL levels

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